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- Shot and processed in HDR
- Individually edited photos, no presets!
- 24hr Turnaround, no extra fees!
- Starting at $125

Simple and straight forward with a 24hr turn around time! We will photograph your property in HDR and individually edit each picture in professional software to showcase it in it's full potential. No presets here! Your property and each photo is unique so a unique and attention to detail approach is our commitment! Also, you will get all of the pictures of the shoot, no limits or charging extra for more. This is our way of adding value and thanking you for your business!

Available Add-ons-  

         Onsite Amenities - $50
         Offsite Amenities - $75 per location
         Sunrise/Sunset Exterior Photography - $250
         Digital Twilight- $95 4 photos- 2 front exterior and 2 rear exterior.
         Virtual Staging- $30 per photo

Please note that pricing is for the Metro Atlanta area (20 mile radius with a 5 mile buffer) but we service farther locations as well at fair price. If a property is at or over 1.5hrs away (3hrs round trip), then a half-day rate + mileage will apply. Over 2hrs (4hrs+ round trip) - Full day rate + mileage will apply or TBD on a case-by-case basis.


Properties are shot as is and expected to be ready at the time of the shoot.  Re-scheduling is allowed up to 48 hrs. prior to the scheduled booking.  After that, or if the property is not ready, or cannot be photographed due to legitimate & reasonable safety concerns, then a rebooking fee of $125 will be charged in lieu, and a new booking can then be made.


Please contact us for more information on larger properties and short term rentals (Airbnb, VRBO), or if you have any questions.

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